Replace Your Windows Before the Winter Cold

It's hard to forget the harsh winter we had last year here in Iowa. Record low temperatures, high winds, and blizzard conditions made for a dangerous environment and high energy bills. Replace your windows now to keep your home warm and safe.

replace your windows before winter

There's no bad time to replace a broken or old window, but it's better to do it now than when it is freezing. The windows installed by Midwest Builders are custom-made for your home and are designed to not only look beautiful, but offer protection against the elements.

Lower Heating Bills with New Windows

If your windows are not sealing properly or have broken glass or frames, your warm home can quickly drop in temperature. Your furnace will have to work harder to keep your home comfortable, increasing your heating bill.

A past solution for a drafty window has been to use plastic sheeting to prevent the cold air from entering the home. This can help to a certain extent, but is not the best solution to the situation. When temperatures are below zero and the wind is whipping, a thin sheet of protection is nothing compared with a vinyl window designed to withstand the weather.

Do It While the Weather is Nice

Renovations on your home are rarely fun, but it can be even worse in the middle of the winter. Replacing windows is a quick job, but there is still going to be a period of time where the old window is removed and the new one has to go in. During this time, you have a good-sized hole in your wall.

Additionally, if a window fails in the middle of the winter, the contractor may have to wait for the winter storms to stop and for conditions to improve, before they can work. Having to battle snow and ice can make a quick job take longer. The job can be done, but it is much easier to do it when the weather is nice.

Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

The bitter cold that we experienced last winter could be a common occurrence going forward. The temperatures were dangerously low, so make sure your family is protected from the elements. If you have a room that you close off in winter, you really should look into replacing the window.

If your windows are cracked or leave gaps, melted ice could enter your home, causing mold and mildew growth. The water can enter the windows then go into your walls, causing wood rot and other issues. A free estimate on a replacement window would be a good step before the winter weather arrives.

Replacing Your Windows is a Win-Win Situation

Let a trusted company like Midwest Builders help protect your family and home while lowering your utility bills. Don't let Old Man Winter beat you up again this year.

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