The weather is finally getting cooler, and the heat is beginning to be turned on. Have you thought about the health of your windows this fall? If your windows are old, worn down, or broken, they could be causing problems this winter. Find out some of the reasons to consider window replacement before winter and then give Midwest Builders a call to get started.

Old Windows Up Heating Bills

get windows replaced before winte graphicOne of the most important reasons you might consider window replacement before winter is the cost. When your windows are not sealed properly, have small cracks, or do not fill properly within their frames, they can cause your heating bill to go up dramatically. Not only that, but they will cause your family discomfort if left untouched. In many homes, people place plastic over their windows in the winter. While this can be acceptable in certain circumstances, in most this is not a good solution to a continuing problem in your home. Save yourself the trouble and save yourself some serious cash with long-lasting window replacement from Midwest Builders.

Disasters are Worse in Winter

If your windows may need to be replaced right now but you’re not sure, it’s better to call a qualified inspector to take a look. You do not want a disaster to strike when there are five feet of snow on the ground a winter snowstorm on the way. Not only will this be extremely unpleasant for you, but storms and unsafe conditions could delay work. While we will work as quickly and efficiently as possible, your home will be open to the elements for a certain amount of time as we take out the old windows and put in new ones. This is a much smoother, easier, and more comfortable process when you can stay warm inside. We can also work quicker when we do not have extra obstacles like snow and ice. While it is possible, it’s not pleasant. This disaster can be avoided by getting a free estimate of your window replacement costs now and finding out what needs to be done before they get worse.

Your Safety is at Risk

house with newly replaced windows for fall window replacementThere are two main reasons that windows that need to be replaced can cause you health problems. The first is due to the cold. In many cases, especially in rooms that are also un-insulated or poorly insulated, the windows cause the room to become even colder. This becomes a problem in children’s bedrooms who can easily get sick. Even if the window is in your room, if you feel that you have to sleep in another room of the house because it is warmer than your own bedroom in the winter, you need to consider window replacement.

The next reason that your safety could be at risk with old, cracked windows is that melted water from snow can cause mold and mildew. How is the water getting into your home? Cracked and poorly fitting windows easily let water into your home. The water seeps into the siding and walls of your home and leads to mold and mildew. Plus, the excess water in the wood can even lead to wood rot which can cause problems with stability in your home. Don’t let current finances get in the way of taking care of important window replacement problems.

Stay Safe this Winter with Midwest Builders

Take a close look at your windows this fall. If you have any doubts about what you see, or if you have had high heating bills and drafty rooms in winters past, it’s time to give us a call. We’re happy to come out to your property and give you a free estimate. We will explain what we believe the best solution is for your home and your budget, and we’re happy to answer questions that you might have. Contact Midwest Builders and get window replacement before winter.

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