Homes in the Des Moines, IA area are subjected to a lot of wear and tear. All of this can be detrimental to the siding on your home. The hot, bright sunshine in the summer months can fade siding. High winds, hail, and thunderstorms during the spring and fall months can damage the siding. And cold temperatures, ice, snow, and temperature changes can cause the siding to become brittle and crack. Even the animals that frequent the Midwest can cause siding issues--raccoons, squirrels, and mice often burrow behind the siding to make their nests.

Old siding with cracks, warping, and fading can cause problems for you as a homeowner. Cracks and warping or twisting can let in air or moisture, causing mold growth or damage to your home.

How to Tell When You Need New Siding

So how do you know for sure when it's time for new siding? There are a few key factors that you can look for in your Des Moines, IA area home. If you notice these issues with your siding, it's probably time to call a professional siding installer and get it replaced:when to replace your siding and call a siding installer in des moines ia graphic

  • You're having to paint your home frequently.
  • You have high heating and cooling bills.
  • You see rotting, dry rot, and/or warping.
  • Your siding is cracked or loose.
  • Your inside wallpaper or paint is loose or peeling.
  • You have noticed fungus or mold on your siding.
  • You see noticeable fading on your siding.
  • You've seen bubbles in your siding.
  • You have holes in your siding.

Should You Call a Siding Installer NOW?

But you might not want to just replace your siding anytime. what time of the year is best for siding replacement? There are, of course, some perks and downfalls to every time of year, but here is a basic rundown of when you should replace your siding, and when you should NOT replace your siding (as well as why):

  • Winter? NO. Here's why: Cold weather, or temperatures below about 50 degrees, can make it difficult to install siding since it makes the panels contract. This can lead to too-tight nails and can also make the siding brittle, causing nail pops or cracking.
  • Spring: NO. Here's why: Again, there are some issues with spring that make it less than ideal. Spring moisture and sudden rainstorms that interrupt siding installation can lead to mold growth, which will be a major problem down the road.
  • Summer: NO. Here's why: The warm temps can make vinyl siding expand and stretch, causing the sizing to be off when colder temperatures make the siding contract again. This is not only unsightly but can cause problems with windows and doors in the home as well, as the siding will push against them and might eventually buckle or fall off.
  • Fall: YES!! Here's why: Fall offers a nice balance of temperatures, and can even be a less expensive and quicker option since a lot of people opt to replace their siding in the spring and summer (despite the downfalls outlined above).

If you want to talk to our expert siding installers in the Des Moines, Iowa area, give us a call at 515-289-0100 today!

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